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Registration for university entrance examinations like JAMB is currently ongoing. As such, the need to check your WAEC result for printouts and uploads may become imperative. We’ve created this article to help you know how to check your WAEC result using your phone. 

How to check WAEC result on your phone using your Smart Identity Card

Unlike before, checking your WAEC result doesn’t require buying a physical scratch card. You simply need to check your Smart Identity Card for your Result Checker PIN and Serial Number. This Smart Identity Card is issued to you from your school when you’re about starting your WAEC exams.

Once you have your Smart Identity Card, here’s how to check your WAEC result using your phone:

In the appropriate column, type in your 10-digit WAEC Examination Number (This is a combination of your 7-Digit centre number, followed by your 3-digit candidate number.) It’s something like: 4987654321.

Choose your Examination Year, e.g. 2022.

Select your examination type, i.e. SCHOOL CANDIDATE RESULT.

Enter the Personal Identification Number (PIN) on your e-PIN

Enter the e-PIN Voucher Number (Serial number)

Lastly, punch “Submit” to get your WAEC result.

How to check your WAEC result on phone using a separately bought checker PIN

As earlier stated, checking your WAEC result on the phone doesn’t require you to buy a scratch card specially. And this is because the WAEC council has already provided each candidate with a result checker PIN and serial number usually printed alongside the smart identity card.

However, there may be some issues that won’t allow you to check your result using your Smart Identity Card PIN and serial numbers. They go as follows:

You may lose your smart card and not have the details written anywhere.If your examination is earlier than 1999.The print on it can somehow fade, making it impossible to see the PIN and serial numbers. You may exceed the stipulated number of checks designated for your checker.  

Should you fall into any of the categories above, you’ll need to visit the WAEC Request Management System portal to purchase your PIN online.

Cost of WAEC result checker PIN

A WAEC result checker PIN costs about ₦3,654.82. Candidates who need the e-PIN/result checker can get it on the council’s Request Management System portal. Simply note the following steps to buy your WAEC result checker PIN:

Visit the WAEC Request Management System portal here. 

A transaction reference number will automatically be assigned to you.

Under the “Select a Request Type” option, choose “Request For Service” from the list.

Under “Select a Request”, choose “Sale of WAEC Direct Result Checker” from the list.

Then enter your name, telephone number and Email address in the required columns.

Lastly, click on “Proceed to Online Payment” to pay and get your WAEC result checker PIN.

How to check your WAEC result on your phone with SMS

If you didn’t know, you can check your WAEC result using SMS if you happen to be in a situation where your phone can’t access the internet, and here’s how:

Simply send a text message using the format below:


To short-code 32327 (MTN, Airtel and Glo subscribers), e.g. WAEC*4250101001*123456789012*2022

Please do not change the format above. No spaces should be in-between the values.Afterwards, wait a bit for your WAEC result to be delivered to your phone via SMS. This service will cost you ₦30 only.

What to do when you can’t check your WAEC result using your phone

Situations may occur where you may experience difficulties in accessing your result via sms or online. Here’s how to solve the problem of not being able to check your WAEC result using your phone. 

Simply send the following details to for verification and assistance:

The error message you’re getting.The exam type. Your examination number.Exam year.

That’s all regarding how to check your WAEC result using your phone. Good luck in your academic pursuits! 

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