Dream VC launches its third talent accelerator programme to train Africans aspiring to be startup investors and VC professionals. – THE INFORMANTI

The news:

  • Dream VC has launched the 2023 cohort of its VC and investor training programme.
  • The programme is for those interested in working with VC firms or learning to become an investor.
  • Launch into VC (LIVC) will run for three months — June 2023 to August — while investor accelerator will run for five months, June to October.

Launched in 2021 by Mark Kleyner and Cindy Ai, Dream VC wants to train the next generation of African startup investors. It is an investor accelerator platform focused on filling the talent hole in Africa’s VC space.

According to a statement received by Techpoint Africa, it has opened applications for the third cohort of its talent accelerator programme.

Its 2023 talent accelerator program will include Launch into VC (LIVC) and investor accelerator.

LIVC is a three-month programme targeted at early-stage professionals looking to enter the VC space. In a conversation with Techpoint Africa last year, Ai said, “the concept of Launch into VC is similar to a lot of fellowship programmes that already exist in the US and Europe, and the reason these programmes came about was that these VCs realised that they needed to train people in the skills they needed for entry-level roles.”

The investor accelerator targets experienced professionals and entrepreneurs with at least five years of professional experience. The program will run for five months; teaching fellows deal sourcing, angel investing, and fundraising, among others.

Dream VC’s LIVC and investor accelerator programmes cost $1,000 and $5,000, respectively. The application process is in four stages which include assignments and interviews.

With over 2000 applications seen since its launch in 2021, only about 80 fellows have been trained so far. This represents a less than 10% acceptance rate.


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