KIGEZI STAR FDC is an injured Lion as Mugarura returns to NRM – THE INFORMANTI


One of the Forum for Democratic- FDC bigwig Henry Mugarura has misplaced the keys and decided to rejoin the ruling party after many years opposing this regime.

Mugarurura, a businessman in Kampala is hailing from Ruhinda Sub County in Rukungiri district defected at the endof last week in the presence of the Rukungiri District NRM Chairperson, Rtd. Maj. Gen. Jim Katugugu Muhwezi.

The function was also witnessed by other NRM strong supporters including Posiano Ngabirano the proprietor of Capital Shoppers, Martin Mwambusya, and Mugarura Kaharata who all hail from Ruhinda Sub County.

Mugarura who was originally an NRM Cadre crossed to the FDC supporting the son of the soil Col. Kiiza Besigye Wallen Kifefe who was contesting for Presidency but decided to cross back accusing the party to be on cross roads.

Mugarura, told the press at Rukungiri INN that he has tested the FDC and found them with no development agenda and has vowed to mobilize all other opposition diehards to join the NRM after seeing light in the party.
However some sources in FDC party talking to our reporter disclosed that Mugarura defecation will not affecting the party.
They claim that every one has the right to support any political party he feels comfortable with.

Mugarura crossing to NRM will be a thorn in shoes of Fred Turyamuhweza as he has been a brigade commander in Buhunga and Ruhinda Sub Counties sitting on the Campaign Task Force high command for Rujumbura county.

Maj. Gen Jim Muhwezi congraturated Mugarura upon seeing the light and coming back to his mother party stressing that it’s a great milestone to the ruling party

Mugarura’s defection comes days after another group of over 30 FDC members in the District crossed to the ruling party-National Resistance Movement (NRM) and welcomed by the President who was on the visit in the area.



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