KIGEZI STAR Give us Money, If you don’t want us to incline to Homosexuality – THE INFORMANTI


Bishop David Kiganda, the National Pastors Platform of Uganda and founder of Christianity Focus Ministries has said called upon the religious faithful to invest money in the church or excuse themselves from the fight against homosexuality.

In a viral social media video, Kiganda said that those who are fighting homosexuality should give to the church if they do not want the church to beg money from gays.

“If you do not want homosexuality here yet you do not give to the church, then you are a traitor and liar. If you do not want the church to beg for money from homosexuals, give us more offertory to do God’s work,” Kiganda said.

He said that those who are in a verbal fight against homosexuality instead of giving the church money are wasting time.

“What are you doing about it? It is not about talking, give us money,” Kiganda added.

In 2019,  Kiganda led a group of pastors in petitioning president Museveni to reject the proposed law to regulate faith-based organizations.

Meanwhile Kiganda is no stranger to news headlines, in 2006, a domestic row erupted in his marriage after his wife Hadijja Nasejje cheated on him with a chapati seller in the neighborhood.

Kiganda divorced Nasejje and remarried a year later.

His comments have been received negatively, most Ugandans have come out to accuse him of praying for double standards.

Ugandan parliament has started discussing possible punishments for those involved in homosexuality.

There has been an alarm that most churches and non-organizations in Uganda are getting support from the LGBT community and Ugandans are being asked to shun these organizations.



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