KIGEZI STAR Kenya Lifts 8-Day Milk Import Ban


The government of Kenya has withdrawn the notice issued last week stopping the importation of dairy products.

The Kenya Dairy Board last week sent out a notice that it was stopping the issuance of import permits for powdered milk because, the board said, it was expecting increases in domestic output due to the onset of rains.

In Uganda, the statement was widely interpreted as banning the importation of Ugandan milk by Kenya. The notice of March 6th, 2023 to importers of dairy products said the suspension was aimed at protecting and supporting the domestic producers.

The Ministry of agriculture livestock development of Kenya now says it is suspending the ban on the imports “to allow for the Dairy Industry (Import and Export) Regulations 2021 to apply accordingly.”

Earlier, Rebecca Kadaga, the Minister for East African Community Affairs said she had held talks with Rebecca Miano, her Kenyan counterpart to explain the ban.

At the same time, Samson Akankiza, the Managing Director of, the Dairy Development Authority also said he was in contact with his Kenyan equal, at the Dairy Board.

On Thursday, Wednesday Kenya notified the importers of the decision to withdraw the ban.

Either way, this will come as a relief, even if temporary, for Uganda milk processors and exporters, who were bracing for another market disruption.

Before an earlier ban on Ugandan milk by Kenya was lifted earlier at the turn of the year, the country had lost more than 100 million dollars in export earnings over the two years.

Uganda’s top dairy products processors and exporters include Pearl Dairy (Lato milk), Brookside (Fresh Dairy), GBK, and Jesa Farm.

The Ugandan representative in the eastern African parliament James Kakooza had earlier vowed to petition the East African parliament about the act of Kenya.

Kakooza had accused Kenya of playing double standard games which may hinder the community of East Africa.

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