KIGEZI STAR NRM Secretary General Todwong marries the daughter of Col Patrick Luyumba – THE INFORMANTI


The ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) Secretary General Richard Todwong was yesterday introduced to the family of Anne Ruyundo a daughter of the late revolutionary Col Patrick Lumumba.

The introduction ceremony termed culturally as the Kugamba Obugenyi happened in Bugoloobi at the home of Ruyondo’s paternal uncle, Kwame Ruyondo.

The function precedes a formal wedding, which will take place at a later date during the course of this year.

Todwong and Anne Ruyondo have been dating in the background. It is believed the NRM Secretary General was behind her when she contested as an independent candidate for the Kazo Woman Member of Parliament seat.

Todwong has been married to Babra Ayesimire who refers to him as her best friend. The two have three children.


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