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The future of digital transformation from the African perspective

All around the world, a lot of conversations have been going on as to the various facets of digital transformation across several industries and sectors. However, as we begin to look at digital transformation in-depth, we can begin to understand that the present facets of digital transformation as we know them are beginning to evolve into a not-so-distant future.

A lot of analysts argue that the future of digital transformation is already playing out today and the future is no more distant but right here. The big question would be: What is the future of digital transformation? A lot of analysts convey solutions like AI or Blockchain and IOT as the future of digital transformation.

While these various technological infrastructures are important ingredients of the future of digital transformation, all of these are under the future of the internet which we refer to as Web3.0, In further articles, we will dig deeper into the concept of web3.0 and how this all came about.

Let us now throw some light on some projects in Africa that have been leading the road of future digital transformation solutions across various sectors.

Education is one of the most important tools for driving the adoption of important subjects such as the future of digital transformation. This is why we are giving the first education spotlight to Silverspoon University

Silver Spoon University website

Silverspoon University is a mentorship-based virtual learning organisation that prepares its students for the future of digital transformation through its strategic faculties and departments.

Our second education spotlight goes to Bchain Academy for driving blockchain education through its scholarship programs. Through their just-concluded graduation for their first cohort, the Lagos state government is set to consider blockchain as one of the subjects in their curriculum for schools. Read more on this here.

Bchain Academy

On fintech projects that are building on the future of digital transformation, we will first explore Bitsave which is set to be launched by Crypto smart. Bitsave is a new value chain in Web3 finance to help users save in crypto without losing their capital to market volatility.

This project is led by Karla Obakpolor who is a blockchain business development consultant for lots of blockchain projects. Her inspiration was drawn from seeing how much currency inflation affected businesses and individuals drastically, hence the need for BITSAVE. Read more on Bitsave

Smartnow Website shows two proprietary products, Smartchange and Bitsave

The second fintech project we are exploring is CENTIIV, CENTIIV has launched CENTIIV PAY which is a blockchain-powered app that offers a variety of payment services including cross-border payments, utilities, insurance, passive earnings and smart crypto loans. Through their native token $CNT, their users are able to interact with this payment ecosystem. CENTIIV is led by the phenomenal Bolarinwa Odupe who is a software developer with a great understanding of building tech products. Read more about them here.

Who would have ever thought that a time would come when someone could own palm trees virtually by buying the digital identity of those trees being represented as NFTs? Sounds like a story, however, this is what PALMTECH, an agro-based community project backed by SPC UNIVERSE is building. With their 10 hectares palm project, they are set to tokenize palm trees completely by building a digital identity for each tree planted, therefore allowing their community members to own the palm trees physically by seeing the NFT which represents the identity of that tree.

Podcasts have since become the leading order of content and a lot of individuals and personalities have already set up their podcasts to feature various topics. At SPC Universe we have launched THE FUTURE OF DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION PODCAST and our CEO King David featured the phenomenal media personality, Dr. Kelechi Okoro also known as the Healthtertainer in the first episode. This podcast promises to constantly educate in an entertaining manner, what the future of digital transformation holds for all across various industries and sectors.

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