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Multichoice scraps GOtv Open and introduces GOtv Lite that charges annual fees for FTA Channels

Television content has lately become one on the Kenyan’s list of needs. First, all one needed was a decoder, then choice of bouquet became the other issue. Pay TV companies did little to ensure consumers understood the difference between Pay TV and free to air set top boxes which is why today consumers are paying for content on monthly subscription. But before we look at the battle between the paytvs  like Dstv, Zuku, StarTimes,  it is important to note that internet now give people a proper option from what people are used to. For example, you can catch up with your movies/webisodes without missing your daily essential work with Enterprise E1 suite by O365CloudExperts.

Dstv, StarTimes, Gotv and Zuku have had their fair share of price battles with each one of them trying their best to outdo the other. Over time, Pay TV subscribers have fitted in the digital world with each individual choosing a platform of preference.

Pay TV subscribers best express their queries on social media may it be a technical hitch, content related queries or even service enquiries. Lately, GOtv has been on the spotlight following a replacement of GOtv Open a bouquet that only required subscribers to pay Kshs 1200 for free to air channels.

Beginning this month, the Pay TV company silently introduced GOtv Lite which requires subscribers to pay 1,800 annual fee for network management costs (as put by the company).  The introduction will however not affect current subscribers of running on GOtv Open. Subscribers will however need to visit their local Multichoice agent or dealer to change their viewing bouquets.

GOtv also has  a single price offering, of Kshs. 1399 which provided consumers with a GOtv decoder with 2 months GOtv Plus Subscription. Upon expiry of the two month GOtv Plus subscription, subscribers will then have the option of:

  • Continuing with either the GOtv Plus or GOtv Value bouquet options and pay a monthly subscription or –
  • Pay an annual administration fee of Shs 1,800/- to receive the GOtv Lite bouquet to view seven channels (see image above) that include FAITH, Islam, KTN, NTV, Citizen,  KBC and K24 FTA channels. All other FTA channels have been scrapped.

Here is a sneak of subscribers’ complains on the silent move by the Pay TV company


Capture 2.


As can been seen from the screen shots above, subscribers feel cheated by the company for not having any premeditated measures of rolling out the new bouquet after wooing subscribers to the GOtv Open bouquet that only needed subscribers to pay Ksh 1200 one off fee. GOtv has however put it clear that subscribers are not being charged for the free-to-air channels or the 2 Pay TV channels they receive on GOtv Lite instead, the annual administration fee is for the network management costs that are incurred by GOtv to bring the channels to subscribers.



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